Left: "Portrait of Federal Capital site surveyors, Camp Hill, Canberra, 1910." Image courtesy of National Library of Australia.
NLA vn - 4599805
Right: "Surveying Party of seven unidentified man at work." Image courtesy of National Library of Australia.
NLA an - 24685221

Argyle Tavern - 1987

The New South Wales Country Surveyors Association grew out of a need for representation on behalf of country surveyors in private practice during the period 1910-1920, a period seriously affected by the First World War and a time of economic and social upheaval, war time stringencies and high inflation. Incomes of surveyors in private practice were severely affected because of their reliance on contract work from the Lands Department of NSW.

Mr Tom Heppingstone Turner, a surveyor from Gunnedah, decided to bring together country surveyors into a single representative group and the Surveyors Association was formed in Sydney at Easter 1920. The new Association was very successful in bringing the concerns of its members to the attention of the Lands Deparment and other relative authorities.

The Association has met regularly since its inception, and these meetings have developed into annual family oriented conferences, held at different locations around the state.

Extracted from Reflections on the Country Surveyors Association by John McNaughton 2008
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