Left: Trig Station on Abbott Ridge, Kosciusko. Image courtesy of Daren Robson & Graham Hunt.

Right: Surveyor Daniel Golenia, “X” marks the spot after a hard hour’s work getting to an RM in a Gum tree at Mirannie, Hunter Valley, July 2007. Image courtesy of Daniel Golenia.

President: Andrew Swane , Director of Brown & Krippner in Tamworth
Senior Vice President: Eric Smith , Director of Doherty, Smith & Associates in Wellington
Junior Vice President: Tim Youman Brown & Krippner in Tamworth
Secretary: Ross Peasley, DeWitt Consulting, Charlestown
ACS Representative: Mitchel Hanlon, Director of Mitchel Hanlon Consulting, Tamworth
ISNSW Representative:

Paul Mather, General Manager ACSIS LTD